About Joel

Joel Landau is a recognized businessman and investor in the healthcare sector on a local, state, and regional level. In the past several years, as a owner of The Allure Group, Landau has been dedicated to helping the underserved.
He donates time and resources to promoting various charitable causes over the social networks, SUNY University Hospital Board and serves on the Medicaid Managed Care Advisory Review Panel. He is a master at turning poor-performing organizations into high-performing, profitable companies; and has founded and led several companies—starting from 1999—to become regional players in the north Atlantic healthcare market.

With a sharp understanding of the healthcare industry, Joel Landau has become a leader in introducing and applying innovative technology to aid managed care companies in achieving healthcare efficiency and efficacy. His focus and passion for healthcare excellence are grounded in his experience as a provider of healthcare services as well as a payer, while his innovative and practical approach to business management is key to his companies’ ability to satisfy the complex needs of the healthcare market.

With deep industry insight, he has honed his abilities to identify opportunities in the healthcare marketplace to create products, services and startup companies that address market needs with a keen focus on high-risk populations which have been historically underserved. As a leader in the health care industry, Joel Landau has developed an ability to identify opportunities in the marketplace and created products, services and companies that deliver value.

For more info, see the public Crunchbase profile of Joel Landau.

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