Thursday, January 26, 2017

Landau Inspires Healthcare Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is currently at its golden age offering more opportunities to investors and startup companies that are developing new healthcare technologies, services and facilities. The dropping prices of technology tools available worldwide has provided entrepreneurs worldwide with all the ingredients necessary for a startup company. When it comes to solving healthcare challenges, innovation is essential, and Joel Landau was one of the lucky ones to discover this unrealized potential and deliver innovations to patients who are in need of them. The thriving healthcare entrepreneurship culture that’s taking off in New York City continues to be one of the biggest opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors.

Dedicated to helping the underserved and improving the lives of New Yorkers, Joel Landau took his well-grounded healthcare operating experience and industry knowledge and developed a solution that lead to improved health care quality and access. Even though his work has proved to be a valuable asset for the entire community, still the main focus remains on caring for the elderly. There are many traits which are unique to entrepreneurs and specific entrepreneurial skill sets. Some of the key traits distinguishing true entrepreneurs are perception, courage, action, focus, creativity, openness, and need for achievement. The experience Landau brings from his involvement with The Allure Group shows how innovation and entrepreneurship in healthcare have truly brought unbridled potential to the table by empowering individuals to make better choices about their own health.

Being collaborative and coachable, possessing great work ethic, resilience, positivity, and passion are also a must for an entrepreneur’s likelihood for success. It takes some serious creativity to succeed, and with the healthcare industry being one of the most supervised and regulated industries, it is no wonder that there’s just a lot more at stake being an entrepreneur in healthcare versus being an entrepreneur in any other industry. The healthcare industry needs people that are open to other ideas and suggestions, and Joel Landau offered that on Twitter and much more thanks to his risk-taking propensity. He had a vision which seemed to stand in a class all of its own, and as a result his gift of being able to look forward into the future helped him develop a clear path in the quest of accomplishing his goals and ambitions.

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