Monday, September 5, 2016

Joel Landau: The Challenges of the Healthcare Arena

Digital health and the healthcare system are slowly starting to move towards each other, creating tremendous opportunity for healthcare entrepreneurs. But as Joel Landau, a gifted organizer and an expert in healthcare writes on his website, when it comes to tackling the complexity of healthcare problems, the creation of teams and solutions is absolutely necessary. Here he draws experience from Allure Care. For this clinical insight isn’t enough, as new solution that can make a real world impact on patients require proof of clinical efficacy, a sustainable economic model, a willing buyer and a team that can bring it to market.

Most healthcare providing organization in New York and professionals can’t make it as healthcare innovators on themselves. In order to make it in this serious business, Allure Groups went for someone that will bring creativity and comes with entrepreneurial background. Landau has used his one of a kind skills, expertise, business experience, and healthcare insight and knowledge to contribute to the goal of healthcare and provide more effective medical care. When it comes to succeeding as a startup in the health care space, there are a lot more challenges than in any other arena. State regulations and entrenched stakeholders make this task even that much harder. Health care entrepreneurs have unique challenges and needs.

Starting any type of business is troublesome, but the healthcare arena has its own set of challenges, says Landau, and unless you come well prepared for those challenges, it’s unlikely to make it in this strictly controlled sector. Slower penetration due to regulatory FDA concerns, patient privacy rules, and reimbursement rules and just some of the most basic challenges. Having the right team of people is also important, because in the end of the day it all comes to your people. Having a great team is important, but Joel Landau believes that having a high-performing team is the link that can take your business, product or service to the next level. That’s why for startups Landau recommends hiring a team with diverse skills that can complement each other, and of course always have someone with a healthcare background. But even with all these challenges, the health care industry continues to be one of the biggest opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors who are trying to provide more effective, affordable medical care to patients.

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